02/03/10 16:08
A He has so many skills, terrific things,
a to know 'n' remember codes,
A his thoughts are codified as strings;
B He can rewrite a program in a flash
a in hundred, thousand modes
B and then to throw it all into the trash.

C His mind is mathematic, that is sure,
b and maybe too much rigorous;
C it often make his figure so obscure.
D But if we use computers, all the day,
b it's 'cause his hands are vigorous
D and it are on a keyboard, not away.

E When any attempt to kill a process fail,
F and if your mouse so frequently goes mad,
G if all of yours bad scripts hard to operate,

G he's going to be your adored best mate,
F returning you your dates, all that you had;
E and he will go... until the next email!

Sonetto rinterzato sullo stereotipo del programmatore :-)
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03/03/10 8:35
carino e divertente :D:D
mi è piaciuto!